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BRD wants to make average riders good and good riders great. We chose electric because nothing connects your right wrist to the rear tire like an electric motor. The throttle response can be perfect, the torque is endless, and you don't have to "reset" traction with each gearshift.

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BRDs are pretty, but they're not precious. This is a true off-road chassis, designed to handle being dumped, dropped, slid, tipped, and just plain crashed. Motorcycles are made to be ridden and there's no point in owning a bike for the trail or the city if you're so afraid of scratching it, the poor thing never leaves the garage.

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Yeah, yeah, we like the sound of a well-tuned, open-piped race bike too. But we ride to have fun, not to get noticed, and frankly we can get away with more, um, questionable behavior on a quiet bike. If revving your bike outside the local latte dispensary is your thing, this probably isn't your bike. If 3am runs on empty city streets are your thing, you've come to the right place.

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